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Dan Szuc

From sleepwalking to sparkle:
The ugly truth about project work today

Project work today is frustrating. Corporate structures and badly designed projects often prevent people from being able to do their best. Businesses are left confused after being fed a constant flow of buzz words like ‘innovation’, ‘user experience’, ‘design thinking’, and ‘creativity’, and projects are not designed or staged to enable people to practise fundamental skills (the ones that help us reach the promised land of more meaningful and happier experiences for people).

These ugly truths about project work need drastic fixes. I’ll share the journey me and my partner Josephine have been on the last two years (as with conversations and stories from people around the world) to discover the ugly truth about project work today: that most people are ‘sleepwalking’. And we can fix this by injecting ‘sparkle’ into everything we do.